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This is us

We are the specialists for your deaf or hard of hearing child

The Münsterlandschule presents here all the possibilities how the inclusion of your deaf or hard of hearing child can succeed.

Chart with logo of the school in the center, around it 8 different colored circles containing the names of the different school departments.

The Münsterlandschule is:

  • The oldest special school in the entire Münsterland region (founded in 1841).
  • A supra-regional school for the districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt, Warendorf, the cities of Münster and Hamm and the communities of Selm and Werne.
  • A school from which and in which all children (from infancy) and adolescents (in exceptional cases up to the age of 25) with special needs for hearing and communication are supported and taught.
  • The social center for children and adolescents in the Münsterland region with special needs in hearing and communication.
  • Next to the Glückauf-Schule in Gelsenkirchen, it is the training school in the administrative district of Münster for special education teachers with the studied focus on hearing and communication.
  • Provides from its staff the supervisor Mrs. Ebbeskotte for the special focus hearing & communication at the centers for practical teacher training in Gelsenkirchen and Münster.

The Münsterland School has a variety of tasks:

We offer:

  • a Consultating center for deaf and hard of hearing children.
  • pre-school educational opportunities.
  • early education at home (0 - 3 years)
  • support in the kindergarten of the home town or in the special kindergarten of our school.
  • School education opportunities (up to the extended secondary school leaving certificate, legally equivalent to the middle school leaving certificate).
  • Support within the framework of inclusion at all general schools up to the Gymnasium.
  • A special support program for deaf and hard-of-hearing children and young people with a focus on learning support.
  • a special support program for deaf and hard of hearing children and adolescents with a special focus on mental development.
  • a special support program for deaf and hard of hearing children and adolescents with other special needs.

This is how the Münsterlandschule is equipped

The equipment includes:

Aids that are necessary to optimize acoustic perception beyond the individual hearing aid (e.g. soundfield systems, FM systems).
Aids that serve to visualize the teaching content in a way that is appropriate for the special focus of attention 
An auditorium with a stage and appropriate technical equipment for theater pedagogical work.

Spatially, the Münsterlandschule is a school at different locations:

  • Parents' homes
  • Consultation office
  • Special education kindergarten
  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Outpatient measures in the entire catchment area

Other focuses and specialties:

  • Parent work through constant direct contact with parents (notebook, telephone, e-mail, data protection compliant messenger), parent training (Franz-Hitze-Haus, Münster), parent weekend seminars (for all areas)
  • School social worker Mrs. Frick
  • Further training for educators in the field of the hearing impaired
  • Further training for teachers in joint learning with the hearing impaired;
  • Own homepage
  • Support offer for vaulting in elementary school
  • LWL boarding school in our grounds
  • Cooperation with various 'partners' (school, health and youth welfare offices of the various districts and cities, psychological counseling centers, autism outpatient clinics, etc.)
  • Support association with the association's own school bus;
  • Signing courses of the adult education center in Münster;
  • Partnership with organizations for the hearing impaired in Murmansk (Russia).