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  • The consultation center for hearing-impaired children and adolescents is a first point of contact for parents whose child has been diagnosed with a hearing impairment.
  • Parents can also contact the consultation center if they suspect that their child has a hearing impairment.
  • We are also happy to advise educators, teachers and other professionals or caregivers of children with hearing loss. 
  • We are there for children from infancy to school age.
  • Our services are free of charge.
  • You do not need a doctor's referral.
  • The consultation center currently employs two special educators for deaf/hard of hearing education.

Who can contact us?

  • Parents of a child with a deafness or hearing impairment
  • Parents who suspect that their child has a hearing impairment
  • Parents of a child with a hearing impairment and other impairments or disabilities
  • Educators, teachers, other professionals or caregivers of children with a hearing impairment


  • Please feel free to contact us with your request.
  • In an initial contact by e-mail or telephone, we can arrange an appointment for a consultation session.
  • The consultation usually takes place in the consultation center.
  • An appointment via video conference is also possible.
  • Please allow one and a half to two hours for the consultation.
  • Please send us your child's hearing results (pediatric audiologist's or ENT doctor's letter with diagnosis of hearing impairment) before the consultation appointment.
  • If necessary, we can also offer an appointment at your child's kindergarten or school.

Our offers

We are happy to advise, inform and support you with questions about your child's deafness or hearing loss.

This may involve questions about the following topics, for example:

  •     Type and degree of hearing impairment
  •     Effects of hearing loss
  •     (pedaudiological) hearing findings
  •     Hearing aids, cochlear implants and other technical aids
  •     Special needs of children with hearing impairment
  •     Support of children with hearing impairment from infancy to school age
  •     Communication via sign language
  •     Choice of a suitable kindergarten
  •     Choice of a suitable school
  •     School attendance and difficulties encountered at school
  •     Legal and financial assistance
  •     Contacts with other parents

Early Support

For children with a hearing impairment from 3 months until they start school, we offer specialized early intervention.

You can apply for early intervention at the consultation center.

Click here to go to the Early Support page

School and Inclusion

We are also there for children and young people of school age.

We advise you, for example, on questions

  • about the choice of school
  • the use of technical aids
  • compensation for disadvantages at school
  • special educational support in general schools (joint learning / Inclusion)

We offer consultations for parents and students as well as for teachers.

Catchment area


We are responsible for the following towns and districts:

  • City of Münster
  • City of Hamm
  • District of Borken (without Isselburg, Bocholt and Rhede)
  • District of Coesfeld
  • Steinfurt district
  • District of Warendorf (excluding Beelen, Oelde and Wadersloh)
  • In the district of Unna, the municipalities of Selm and Werne

Contact and directions

LWL consultation center for hearing impaired children and adolescents

Contact persons:
Isabel Lehnhoff
Michaela Olma
Ulrike Theis-Obst

Bröderichweg 13
48159 Münster

Tel: +49-2512105109

Fax: +492512105-202

Ihr Weg zu uns

Ab September 2022 finden Sie die Beratungsstelle für hörgeschädigte Kinder im Neubau der Martin-Luther-King-Schule.

Vom Parkplatz des LWL-Schulgeländes nehmen Sie den Eingang vorne rechts in die Martin-Luther-King-Schule. Die Beratungsstelle liegt im Erdgeschoss auf der rechten Seite in den Räumen 0.10 und 0.11.


Sie kommen von der Autobahn A1 oder der B54:
Abfahrt Münster-Nord in Richtung Münster – 2. Ampel links in die Straße Wilkinghege (Richtung Münster-Kinderhaus) – an der T-Kreuzung rechts in die Westhoffstraße – am Ende dieser Straße links in die Grevener Straße – an der nächsten Ampel nach rechts in den Bröderichweg - nach ca. 300 Metern befindet sich auf der linken Seite zwischen Hecken die Einfahrt zum LWL-Schulgelände (weiter siehe oben).

Sie kommen aus Richtung Warendorf (B51):
Von der Warendorfer Straße nach rechts auf den Ring (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring) – ca. 3 km bis zur Grevener Straße/B 219 dort rechts (Richtung Ibbenbüren) - nach ca. 2 km in Münster-Kinderhaus an der Ampel hinter der Jet-Tankstelle rechts in den Bröderichweg – nach ca. 300 Metern befindet sich auf der linken Seite zwischen Hecken die Einfahrt zum LWL-Schulgelände (weiter siehe oben).

Vom Hauptbahnhof aus ist die Beratungsstelle gut mit Bussen erreichbar.

Die Kartendarstellung steht derzeit leider nicht zur Verfügung.