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Audiotherapist Peter Dieler on a visit

In November 2016, the audiotherapist Peter Dieler from Hamm visited us. You can find a report about this event here:

From the perspective of an adult

"From the life of a hearing-impaired adult" - this announcement of a parents' evening at the Münsterland School with audiotherapist Peter Dieler from Hamm appealed to so many interested people that the event was moved at short notice to the larger auditorium of the Martin Luther King School.

About 100 people found their way to the school grounds on a Friday evening in November - parents of pupils of the Münsterland School as well as of children who are looked after by the Münsterland School in Inclusion or in early support, as well as teachers and some young pupils.

Mr. Dieler had prepared a presentation, but spontaneously decided not to show it, but to talk "off the cuff" about his work with hearing impaired young people and adults and his own experiences as a hearing impaired person. Mr. Dieler can afford to do this, because when he speaks, the audience hangs on his every word, so lively, witty and forceful is his talk. Every member of the audience probably took home some valuable food for thought. Perhaps this one:

"Who wants to be normal? Normal is just average..."

"My ears are not bad. They're just different."

Pupils' meeting at the Münsterlandschule

Once a year, we invite the hearing-impaired pupils whom we accompany in the Common Learning Programme to the Münsterland School for Pupil Encounter Days. For many of the participants, this is the first opportunity to meet children and young people of the same age with a hearing impairment.

On a school morning, we give them time to get to know each other, for games, sports, creativity and also to talk about the situation at school.
We offer meeting days for different age groups:

  • for pupils in classes 1-3
  • for pupils in classes 4-6
  • for pupils from class 7 onwards.

Pupils can be excused from lessons to take part in the encounter days. Parents organise the journey to the Münsterland School and can use the opportunity to exchange ideas at the parents' café.

Pupils' Encounter Day on June 26th 2019

On 26 June 2019, this year's Pupil Encounter Day for classes 4-7 took place at the Monolith Boulderhalle in Münster.

Almost 30 hearing-impaired pupils, who are accompanied by the Münsterlandschule in shared learning, and their best friend took part in the unforgettable day.

After a welcome by the teachers of the Münsterland School and the trainers of the Monolith bouldering hall, a short introduction followed. The bouldering rules were explained and the pupils were allowed to take their first steps on the wall. Afterwards, the participants could let off steam in the entire bouldering hall. Despite the high temperatures, there was a lot of playing, climbing and fiddling. In addition to the sporting activities, the participants got to know students of the same age with hearing disabilities. In a relaxed atmosphere, they were able to talk about their sensory impairment, among other things.

The event was a great success for everyone!

Pupils' Encounter Day on April 10th 2019

On 10 April 2019, the Pupil Encounter Day for classes 1-3 took place at the Püning farm in Everswinkel.

In contrast to previous years, the hearing-impaired pupils, who are accompanied by the Münsterlandschule in Inclusion, did not meet at the Münsterlandschule, but instead went on an excursion together. In addition, for the first time, the hearing-impaired pupils were allowed to bring a friend to the Pupils' Meeting Day. Both changes met with a very positive response from pupils, parents and teachers.

In the children's barn, there was romping, sliding and climbing in the straw. Outside, a large fleet of kettcars, pedal tractors and bobby cars were waiting to make the yard unsafe. The large sand play area also made the children's hearts beat faster. Many parents took the opportunity to talk to each other in the parents' café.