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Primary school


Our team

Laura Beckmann

Class teacher of S2/3go

Bild von Fr. Beckmann

Dr. Jens Cramer

Bild von Hr. Cramer

Anita Dolscheid


Katharina Drude

Annika Evels

Class teacher of SE-2go

Bild von Fr. Evels

Sebastian Gronert


Ulli Hofmann

Class teacher of 3/4lo

Bild von Fr. Hofmann

Franka Köhler

Lioba Kortmann

Bild von Fr. Kortmann

Catharina Lengerke

Platzhalter Frau

Tanja Molleker


Franziska Niederauer

Class teacher of 3/4go


Sabina Otto

Class teacher of SE-2lo

Bild von Fr. Otto

Damaris Pohl

Class teacher of SElo

Bild von Fr. Pohl

Maike Reuter

Class teacher of SE-2go


Annika Steinbrede

Class teacher of SE-2lo


Mechthild Welp

Class teacher of SElo

Bild von Fr. Welp

Sandra Zantow

Bild von Fr. Zantow

Louisa Zierke

The primary school classes

Class SElo

Class teacher:
Mrs. Pohl & Mrs. Welp

Class SE-2lo

Class teacher:
Mrs. Otto & Mrs. Steinbrede

Class SE-2go

Class teacher:
Mrs. Evels & Mrs. Reuter

Class S2-3go

Class teacher:
Mrs. Beckmann

Class 3/4go

Class teacher:
Mrs. Niederauer

Class 3/4lo

Class teacher:
Mrs. Hofmann


Start of the 1st year

This year's school enrolment ceremony took place on 12.08.2022.

When does my child become required to attend school?

All children who have reached the age of six by 30 September are required to attend school from 1 August. If your child turns six after this date, an application for school enrolment can be made.

How do I register my child at the LWL Münsterland School?

Further information to follow


Primary schooling


Lesson times



We teach the normal range of subjects:

  • Language
  • Maths
  • Science
  • etc.

go- und lo-classes

  • With us, all children are supported as much as possible. All children have the goal of learning German and all are supported in sign language.
  • go = sign language orientated, lo = spoken language orientated



In the school entrance phase, there is a report card in text form before the summer holidays.

In grades 3 and 4, there are grades and short texts at half-term and at the end of the school year.

All children receive feedback on their work and social behaviour in our smiley sheet.

Our School-ABC

Here you will find our School-ABC. (Click on the text on the left)

There you will find a brief summary of all the important information about the primary school.


Lessons & Support

What do you mean by school? How does it work there? What is important to us?

What do we have to offer in the way of things to support pupils, rhythm hall etc?

Hearing & hearing support


Sign Language

  • Sign language is a subject at our school. All children in grades 1 to 4 receive 2 hours of sign language lessons per week.
  • GSL (German Sign Language)-Workshop

Rhythmic-musical support


Art and aesthetic education


Sport & Movement

  • Sport- und Schwimmunterricht (wer kriegt wann wie viele Stunden?)
  • zusätzlich, wer möchte, AG
  • Turniere und Wettbewerbe
  • Ausstattung: 2 Sporthallen und ein kleines Schwimmbad auf dem eigenen Gelände
  • Fahrradtraining bei der Jugendverkehrsschule
  • Bewegungsangebote für die Pausen durch Spieleausleihe im Bauwagen und Bewegungslandschaft auf dem Schulhof
  • auch in der OGS gibt es Sport-/Bewegungsangebote

Social learning


Parties & Celebrations


Reading and reading support


Playing in the "Verlässliche Schule"



For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th school year, different AGs are offered every six months. Pupils can choose which club they would like to take part in. Currently there is a dance and a football club.

"Zeichen und Wunder" theatre project


Curative vaulting

Cooperation with speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy


School dog


Media education


Open daycare

At our school there is the possibility to register your child for the open day care (OGS). The children are looked after from 13:25 - 15:55.

During this time, meals are served together, homework is supervised and various leisure activities are offered.

The care takes place in a separate OGS building.

Way to school

The children are picked up from your home by a school bus and driven to the school grounds. There they are met by a bus supervisor. After school, the children are taken home again by the school bus at both 1:25 pm and 3:55 pm.

Important: Please also inform the bus company if your child is ill.

Transport companies

The following three transport companies take care of the school routes:




Bus pass

What is the bus pass and why does it exist?

You can find the answers in the PDF file deposited here.