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Actually there are four focus classes for learning support

Two "younger" classes - usually class 5-7 and two "older" classes - usually class 8-10.
In both levels there is one class each in which the focus is on both spoken and sign language support.

The pupils of the focus support classes naturally take part in activities and events of the secondary school. This means that there is no segregation, but rather a lively interaction between all the pupils of the Münsterlandschule.

In addition to individual support in the subjects German and Maths, the focus is on teaching practical (life) skills.

Practical day:

The practical day always takes place on Tuesdays during the 1st - 4th lesson. All pupils go through the following areas within one school year:

  • Housekeeping
  • Garden and mobility
  • Handicrafts
  • Digital media and computer science

Sporting events

Sporting events take place regularly at our school. Thanks to the great commitment of Mrs. Kutter, Mr. Mazur, Mr. Gottwald as well as many volunteers and sponsors, our pupils regularly participate with great success in numerous Westphalian championships and state-wide tournaments in football, basketball and athletics.

Professional career preparation

Professional career preparation is a top priority at our school. From grade 6 to grade 10, the students go through different modules in order to be prepared as best as possible for the world of work and life after school. An overview of the modules of Professional career preparation can be found below.

Our school cooperates closely with the Integration Service (IFD) Münster. You can also find the contact person below.

Overview of the career preparation elements

Class 7:


Parents' evening class 7

A parents' evening is always held in the spring to introduce the Integration Service for the transition from school to work. Parents and guardians of the respective seventh graders are always invited.


Girls'/Boys'Day is held annually in March or April. Here, students spend a day trying on a profession that is considered "typical" for the opposite sex (boys in "women's professions" and girls in "men's professions") in order to broaden the spectrum of possibilities. Students:inside grades 7, 8 and 9 participate in this day. The search for a place takes place independently by the pupils in the respective place of residence.

Visit to the IFD

Together with their class teacher, class 7 goes to the Integration Service to get to know it and to get an idea of how to get around using public transportation (keyword: mobility training).


Class 8:

Handcraft courses

Grade 8 students participate in handicraft courses and gain experience in the areas of bicycle mechanics, paint, metalworking and sewing. Students from the Rainbow School, the Martin Luther King School and the Münsterland School participate. The courses teach basic skills in the occupational areas. The students are enthusiastic about their work. However, they have to make up for the missed lessons on their own - but what else can you do for a good qualification in the trades!

Communication training in Hattingen

As part of their professional career preparation, students in grade 8 take part in a three-day communications training course in Hattingen.
Among other things, the students deal with the questions of what communication is, what a hearing curve is, what to look out for in certain communication situations in professional life and how to express their needs. These questions are answered with students from other "hearing and communication" special schools in NRW.
During these three days, the students live on site with their teachers and receive four meals a day.
The parents have to pay a small part of the accommodation costs and the travel costs in full.


The students do a total of three different internships: One internship in grade 8, two internships in grade 9. Each internship always lasts three weeks. This gives the students enough time and opportunity to try out and find the profession that suits them best.
It is also possible to do additional voluntary internships during the school vacations.

Career fair

After the internship, an internal school career fair takes place about 2 weeks later, where the interns present their internship with a poster, an internship folder and, if applicable, objects they have made themselves. In this way, the students get to know the different professions from each other.

Potential analysis

In the 8th class, the students take part in the so-called potential analysis (also called "HAMET" testing). On three mornings, their manual skills and abilities are tested in order to create a personal profile with the strengths of the respective students and to show tendencies in which direction they could go professionally.


Klasse 9:

Job application training

In class 9, a job application training takes place together with the integration service. Mr. Hermann or Mr. Ostojic practice writing applications and resumes with the classes, and the sending of application documents is simulated. There are also simulated job interviews to give the students an idea of how a job interview works.

Psychological aptitude tests

The students are invited to a psychological aptitude test by the local employment agency.

Career Information Center

Together with their teachers, the pupils go to the Career Information Centre, which is located at the Employment Agency in Münster. Here the pupils can find out about different professions and take computer-based tests to find out about other professions.


Klasse 10:

Communication Training II

Following the first communication training in Hattingen in class 8, a second communication training takes place at the Münsterlandschule. Here, further topics related to the special focus are discussed, with a special focus on the work life that is soon to begin.

(one-year internship)

(In individual cases, pupils can do a year's work experience in order to gain a foothold in a profession while at school. The extent to which this makes sense for individual pupils will be discussed with the head of the class and the integration service).

Integrationsfachdienst Münster

Hr. Hermann & Hr. Ostojic

Dahlweg 112
48153 Münster

Focus classes for learning support

Class 5-7loL

Class teacher:
Mrs. Franke & Mrs. Rüße

Picture of Mrs. Franke and Mrs. Rüße

Class 5-8goL

Class teacher:
Mrs. Bernschein & Mrs. Bleiker

Picture of Mrs. Bleiker und Mrs. Bernschein

Class 7-10goL

Class teacher:
Mrs. Barnowski & Mrs. Erpenstein

Picture of Mrs. Barnowski and Mrs. Erpenstein

Class 8-10loL

Class teacher:
Mr. Gottwald & Mrs. Tenbrinck

Picture of Mr. Gottwald and Mr. Tenbrinck


Connor (10lo)

1st Pupil representative 2022/23

Natascha (7-10goL)

2nd Pupil representative 2022/23

Guidance counsellor 2022/23

Mrs. Bernschein
Mrs. Barnowski

Complete pupil representation

Connor (10lo)
Natascha (7-10goL)
Marco (8/9lo)
Tim (8-10loL)

Our team

Britta Barnowski

Bild von Fr. Barnowski

Nora Bernschein


Magdalena Bleiker


Dr. Jens Cramer

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Katharina Ebbeskotte

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Claudia Erpenstein

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Birgit Franke


Markus Gottwald


Patricia Kutter

Bild von Fr. Kutter

Catharina Lengerke

Picture of Mrs. Lengerke

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Mareike Rüße


Dana Tenbrinck


Sandra Zantow

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